7.01.2008,8:26 PM
Whee Project: Part Two
In a previous post, several projects were outlined for the Wee-strom. Only two of those items are complete and an unexpected issue has been repaired. Most of these recent modifications and repairs are noted in the post on the Mini-Tech Day: a new Powerlet socket in the cowling and repaired wires chewed by invasive rodents.

Both bikes have resided in Ed's garage during my convalescence. One day while I was at work, Ed was bored and installed the KLR rear turn signals. They are 100% more visible than the stock signals. The Whee is now put back together and runs well. The digital malfunction warning no longer bleeps on the console; it was probably related to the chewed wires. I was told it runs smoother and has more power. I, of course, am unable to experience that myself for awhile.

A few more electrical projects remain:

1. Vectra Light. A 3-in-1 LED light bar with turn signals and brake light. The lights are programmable to run as running lights, too. The brake lights in the middle have a built-in modulator that flashes the lights in sequential pulses when the brakes are initiated. The bar will be attached below the stock tail light and above the license plate.

2. The Datel voltmeter sits in its box waiting to be installed in the right cowling.

3. Side lights. Many bikes are almost invisible from the side in the dark. After several close calls in parking lots when cars did not see me, I'm installing LED lights on the side. These will also increase visibility on the highway in the dark. A simple rocker switch on the right cowling will control turning on and off. The lights will be blue, but I have not yet chosen which LED arrays to use (the options are endless!) and where to put them. Probably one set up front and one set near the rear. At this point, I'm leaning towards three step light spreaders on each side.
(Yamaha R6 with lights)

4. New Shock. The stock shock is blown; unservicable and irreparable. After careful scrutiny, I will order a custom Wilbur shock. More on that later.

Photos of progress are forthcoming. Stay tuned.


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