9.24.2010,1:29 PM
Oregon: Post-journey
Stepping from the TARDIS vehicle and back into present civilization was culture shock after being in the back country for nearly three weeks. Texas greeted me with sneezing and stuffed sinuses, humid heat, no water and food at home, and a mountain of stuff to go through. I let it sit for awhile, grinning at the irony of camping out in my own house after 3+ weeks of it elsewhere.

After having water restored to the house, picking up some groceries ("Where's the dehydrated items?"), an hour-late train, and an entertaining dentist appointment, all 7+ GB of photos are downloaded. Along with Goddess-knows-how-many GB of video clips.

All the papers, maps, brochures are sorted by state ready for archiving for later reference and use. And they will be used. Haven't answered emails yet. Having posted anything anywhere. I'm still between here and there. More there than here.

The good stuff is the Pull-the-Plug Countdown: 49 weeks 'till retirement (semi-R).

Going through and sorting the too-many photos will take days (if not weeks). Videos, too. But I have one (okay, a few) to share right off the bat. A video uploading for later, too.

I need a sabbatical

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