10.05.2010,8:10 AM
My Wildlife Prairie
While leaving my driveway early this morning (5:20am), the truck headlights momentarily froze the advance of a bobcat near the road. No mistaking the bobbed tail, spotted tawny coat and big face with pointed ears. I was ecstatic. I surely did not expect a bobcat to be living and hunting nearby, let alone see one.

Since the neighbors left for an extended stay in Panama, the coyotes have been coming closer to the house every evening and morning. Now I can hear their distinct individual voices instead of a cacophony of yips and howls in the distance. Many have distinct characteristics which I hope to discern their randomness or patterns.

I'm enjoying my own private wilderness here on my little slice of Texas prairie. I wish this was a much larger area rather than small and surrounded by a growing urban metropolis. And I mourn its future demise.


posted by Macrobe
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