11.07.2013,8:50 PM
Closing the Door
You can't turn around
And go back
Put one foot in front
Of the other
And move forward.
But you will always
Remember the past.

Closing the door behind you
May put the past to rest
But you will always
Have the windows
To look through.

You will meet new
People and places
That make fresh tomorrows
And beginnings.
But the ghosts will
Always be there
Reminding you.

Don't fear the ghosts
Don't run from the past
They are part of you now.
Hold them and walk with them
Take them out 
into the light
As they become
A part of you.
And maybe they will smile
and hold your hand
As they meld into
The better and happier person 
that You can be.

Take a walk with me.


posted by Macrobe
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