1.20.2014,10:01 PM
Many powers of the horse in my bike

The Naughty Boy DR350 is back in business, running better than it has ever before! (Thanks to Paul Glaves magic hands) Just before darkness fell on the ranch road, several cottontails ran back and forth on the road. The DR navigated the obstacles like it was a flying broom, weaving in and out of bunnies crossing the road. Then..... something moving to my right caught my eye. In a flash, I glimpsed a coyote running alongside me for about a 100 yards! It turned its head with its tongue sticking out, and, maybe I'm crazy, but it looked like it was laughing at me. Then it veered off to the right and into the desert scrub.

Darkness enveloped us and I felt an awesome sense of freedom riding on this thing that is like a young colt underneath me. Quick twist of the throttle and it takes off with a throaty yell. Up and on the pegs and let it run underneath me, reminding me of the days when I would give the reins to my horse Shadow, stand in the stirrups, and let him go to his heart's content. Weight on one peg and it bends to that side; weight on the other peg and it bends to the other side. It's suspension is like a supple horse underneath me.

Under the moon we rode and part of me didn't want to stop.

I love this little bike. I may have to call him 'NightShadow' instead of 'Naughty Boy'. Fitting that he be named after my willing and noble black horse, Moonraker NightShadow, who was my best friend for almost 20 years until September of 2012. 

Can horses be reincarnated in a machine?

(photos a kind courtesy of Voni Glaves)

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