10.18.2014,10:28 PM
I didn't retire from Life!
I just realized my second retirement anniversary whizzed by without remembering. I guess I was too busy to remember.

The first year and 1/2 after my official retirement date from full-time incarceration in the Cage of Academia sucked. Point blank: it really sucked. It was like decades of sour demons escaped from where ever they were hiding and crapped on me. I lost my Home, my father, some friends (who perhaps were not real friends after all), my heart, and my future went down the bottomless hole. 

The last half (almost 1/2) of the second year was the best months in years. I have no home, no money, no insurance, and I live each day one at a time. What I do have is this: my freedom, independence and integrity. I have a Home on wheels that I take with me like a turtle. I have my family. I have new friends and have reconnected with old friends. I have a new purpose in life that includes humans and all species of animals. And I give myself to them all.

The coyotes sing with me, birds take me for flights, plants call me names, water carries me, the wind pushes me along with it, the lightning shoots me to the sky while the stars twinkle me in their eyes. Mountains grow inside me and the ocean sings me lullabies. The moon tells me stories while I whisper to it in Italian, and the sun and I play hide-and-seek.

I am more alive than I have been in years. And the demons have been put to bed. So far, I'm on the right Path; a Path with Heart.

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