2.16.2015,12:41 PM
A place amongst the invisible
"Escaping notice need not be about complacent isolation, mindless conformity or humiliating anonymity. When circumstance confers invisibility upon us, perhaps it is something to appreciate and even welcome, as some iteration of the small imprint, low-impact living it makes sense to aspire to. Or possibly as a more profound poise, a fuller appreciation for our place in the greater scheme of things."

How to Be Invisible, by Akiko Busch, a New York Times essay.

I love this essay. Surrounded by the current crazy need for 'notice me now!' in our current world, I still treasure the solitary moments of invisibility. For those of us that seek it to find a balance in our modern lack of privacy, read this essay.

Growing up, I sought invisibility. Not because of insecurities, but to immerse myself in the natural world around me. The demands of people competed with lessons I wished to learn. It taught me much about not only myself, but about all other life. And influenced my life, from career to relationships with people and animals.

"...it can be a condition of insight and endurance, a position of strength and power, a matter of knowing how and where we can be best accommodated by the exterior world. It can reflect a knowledge that we are of a larger world and that our survival depends on knowing this — not a bad thing to be reminded of when our disruptions of the natural environment result in everything from freakishly warm temperatures to ocean acidification."
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