11.07.2014,2:10 PM
Two Days Back in Time
On the way from Oregon to New Mexico, I spent two days back in time. A long time ago.

Traveling on the road can sometimes be as exhausting as it is often exhilarating. I needed a break. I've always wondered what was hiding in the northeast corner of Arizona. And one point of interest which may travelers often pass by without stopping is the Petrified Forest National Park, which also contains the Painted Desert. The latter is like eye candy for many, but there is so much more revealed there.

I spent almost two full days exploring both. And it wasn't enough. Like many places like this national park, a one-day, even two-day visit is more a superficial introduction. But it barely is enough time to immerse one's self into all the land and cultural features. Especially the hikes.

So I will return some time to spend more time. And it won't be many years down the road!

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