12.26.2014,6:56 PM
Life on the Road

Most people think living on the road is lonely. To the contrary, it is not. Granted, the same friends and people do not surround me everyday. But that does not mean I have no friends. The truth is that I meet people from all around the country, even from around the globe, almost daily. And I always encounter a variety of wildlife, who are also my friends. They all enrich my life, more than when I lived in one place for too long a time.

Some people become anxious when they are away from their familiar surroundings. Intellectually I understand that, but don't share the emotion. Perhaps I share with birds and other animals that innate drive of migration. Like the wandering wolf, or the perpetually moving antelope.

I've always been a nomad. It's seems to be in my blood. Staying in one place too long is like a caged animal.

I must be free. And I am.

posted by Macrobe
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