1.11.2015,10:43 AM
What's love got to do with it.........
Perhaps after five decades, 'love' and all the related entanglements become something one can pick up and wear for a day, like a piece of clothing, or it becomes an old friend and companion, always at your side but without all the frivolous ornaments that adorn younger phases. And then for some of us it's a dog-eared well-worn book read only by ourselves, constantly rewritten.

Regardless, truth is always in the eyes. Which is why so many people are very uncomfortable with eye-to-eye contact. It doesn't have to be 'love'. Too many 'lovers' and 'friends' avert prolonged eye contact. Some of them don't want to know the truth, or they try to hide it. The eyes have a language all their own.

The eyes say it all.
posted by Macrobe
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