8.22.2015,1:02 PM
To work or not to work
I vow to take a day off today.

I sit here next to multiple sheets of paper on which unentered data also sit, taunting me. Time is getting short, and I feel pressure to push all of it onto a spreadsheet and continue preparing an archive of everything milkweed and Monarch for the Refuge.

Yet...... I miss aimlessly wandering enjoying immersion with the birds and plants. But the smoke makes my eyes burn and water. I miss writing with a stream of consciousness from my fingertips. I miss exercising my dismal sketching skills, which sometimes surprise me when I look back at them. And I miss my daily miles-long walks. 

Instead I waste my time on FaceBook. ;)

But I have only 17 days left here before heading west and a week on the Oregon coast with no commitments and internet.

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