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When is a Brontosaurus not a brontosaurus? Never!
Dear Mr and Mrs. Brontosaurus,

You were always my favorite dinosaur. You were with me when I was little. I kept your little rubber figures next to my bed.

When I was a teenager, I ducked underneath the 'Stay Out!' ribbon and crawled underneath a life-sized replica of you. I sat and gazed up through your skeleton until they threw me out of the museum.

I protested when they took your name away, and whispered to you that I would always call you 'brontosaurus'.

When I was in my early 40's You came home with me from a big famous museum and sat on my dresser. You were almost as big as my upper dresser drawer.

When I had my lab in north Texas, a smaller version of you hung over our PCR machine to bring luck to our experiments.

Now they have given you your name back. But, rest assured, my friends, you have always been 'brontosaurus' in my mind and in my dreams.

Welcome Home, my noble beast.

'Brontosaurus' name resurrected by new dino family tree

 "The fossils originally called Brontosaurus show enough skeletal differences from other specimens of Apatosaurus that they rightfully belong to a different genus. The study, published online this week in the journal PeerJ, brings the long-banished name back into scientific respectability as a genus coequal with Apatosaurus."

Science| DOI: 10.1126/science.aab2447

(And Pluto is still 'Pluto', the planet!! :)

Bronty. The good luck PCR dinosaur. She later retired to DNA sequence analysis.
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