12.31.2015,9:55 PM
Years ahead, years behind
As I strolled home tonight in the dark, the whispering wind guided me. It rolled forward and back like the tides of a dry invisible ocean, soothing and calm as a baby rocking in its arms. The cold air was refreshing after an enjoyable dinner with a dozen friends, heat from the stove and food making me sleepy.

In the silence between the ebbing wind, the Milky Way caught my attention. A river of tiny lights in a universe of the unknown. Perhaps that is what makes it so magical and capturing. No birds called out; their heads tucked under their wings for the cold night. No people milling about; most inside with their merriment and libations. Only the wind, the stars, and I. And memories of past years.

Three stars in a line caught my attention and spoke to me. With a smile I remembered who this was. He is there in the sky wherever I go. "Look for the three stars in a diagonal line," I once said. "Once you see them, you will hear my voice speaking to you."

Orion was more than the hunter. He was the messenger. Many years ago.... Was it that long ago? Seven, eight years? When you looked at Orion, you knew he carried his message, too. I knew that when you looked at Orion, I had already spoken to him, standing on the gravel in front of my house in the night and talking to the stars. I knew because you told me once, that he carried a message to you.

And here I am, many years later, looking up at that belt of stars and hearing that message again. It's been so many years. But I still remember as the flood of decades and chapters of life fly by in a few moments of memories, Orion's voice is still strong. I still remember. And Orion will always remind me. No matter where I am. No matter where you are.

After all these years, those stars still whisper your name. Do you hear it, too, my friend?

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