5.26.2006,12:00 PM
Biker pick-up lines
As a female on a bike, I'm learning all about pick-up lines. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I shake my head.
The count down thus far:

"I've got something you can ride, honey."

He: "Who do you ride with?"
Me: "I ride by myself, alone."
He: "So, does your husband ride?"
(thinking to myself 'I answered that question with my first response. D'oh!')

"So, like, maybe you and I can go riding for the weekend sometime? Ya know, away; and, um....."

"I got more horsepower than that bike of yours, sweetie. I'll take you for a ride."

"Well, I'll tell you what. How about we go for a ride; I'll buy you dinner and then you can decide if you would like me to recite how to remove, clean and adjust the chain on your Shadow by candlelight and soft music at your place."

The last one won for creativity, big smile, sweet personality, nice mustache and making me laugh. He's a Honda mechanic with a good sense of humor; what can I say....
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