11.10.2006,10:55 PM
We can fly
What a wonderful balmy warm morning.
Dew drips off the roof of the house and coats the ground. The bike is covered with it and sparkles where the porch light hit it.

I put lunch, thermos and bag in side cases. Zip up the mesh kit, turn off the porch lights and close the door. I’m immersed in darkness with pinpoints of stars twinkling overhead.

The wet grass glitters in the headlights from the bike and the engine hums as it warms, waiting; waiting and ready: ‘Let’s go!’

Throwing a leg over, sitting deep in the saddle, feeling the gentle hum of the engine underneath my seat and between my thighs, I look up at the early morning dark sky. Breathing in that warm damp air, closing my eyes briefly and smelling with flared nostrils the heavy scent of moisture and earth.

Opening my eyes I am greeted by Orion’s three-starred belt as he smiles down at me. I smile back and draw my focus into and in front of me. Balance the bike with right leg and the left foot pushes up the sidestand, boot toes push the shift lever down with a quiet clunk.

Sit, focus, feel the machine underneath me, ready for take off. In an orchestration of slow right hand throttle and left hand clutch release, forward motion gains momentum and in a second the landing gear are on the pegs.

Take off proceeds with caution over a prairie of wet grass, around the house, over the little gravel hills. Bank to the right over more gravel, then to the left. Beginning ascent over the black river of asphalt, the throttle rolls strongly forward and the engine now sings and climbs as we shift up through the gears to cruising speed.

Dip to the left, then the right, the generous headlights brushing aside the clouds of green leaves on tree branches. A sharp turn to the left and the sky opens wide all around, pinpointed with twinkling stars. A faint glow on the horizon promises a blush of sunlight as we fly forward through the dark and into the light of the dawn.

Soon we are flying in a blue dream.

And I don’t want to stop.

“Too much is not enough
Nobody said this stuff makes any sense
We’re hooked again.
The point of no return.

Sail through an empty night
It's only you and I who understand
There is no plan.

Get closer to the thrill
Only time will kill
What's in your eyes
Is so alive.”
- Adrenaline, Gavin Rossdale


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