11.16.2006,4:56 PM
Wish List
If I could, I would...........

add a vaporizer, mounted on the front and thought controlled.

I don't mean the little R2D2 canister that spits out humidity in your house. I mean a machine that vaporizes drivers in front of you and controlled by thought. My thought.

"That one, there! Aim, fire!!"


Rude driver and vehicle gone, vaporized in thirty seconds.

The protected are those that use their turn signals, leave safe spaces between their vehicles and those in front of them (including me), don't cut in front of you nearly missing your front wheel by a whisper, dim their high-beams, and those that don't talk on their cell phones while driving.

The Protected shall be spared the Vaporizer and shall inherit the Road.



posted by Macrobe
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