1.25.2007,12:25 PM
Driving safety, cell phones and conversation
While not specifically motorcycle related, this topic appears in many conversations with others, drivers and bike riders. In fact, I've had hot debates with others on this issue: is 'hands-free' safer than 'hands-on' cell phone conversations while driving? How more distracting is a cell phone conversation compared to conversation with a passenger?

You may find interesting the review and discussion of a recently reported study (see link below). The review of the study includes a link to the published presentation and discusses its limitations (study design and paper/presentation).

Most notable is lack of indication of the cell-phone conversation: hands-on? or hands-free? I'm surprised this did not appear in the methods and which I consider a major flaw in reporting the study. Lack of this information incluences interpretation (and crititcal analysis) of the reported study results. Another variable it the conversation topic.

Read the review (and paper) for further information and ensuing discussion.

Legislation on cell phone use in/on vehicles is gaining ground here and abroad. If and when you discuss this topic with others, or read about impending legislation, be informed.

Conversation and safety while driving

"Want to drive safely? Talking to passengers may be okay, but talking on the phone isn't", Cognitive Daily
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