1.17.2007,11:20 AM
White Stuff
It's pretty....... But I like to look at it in pictures. Not here.

After freezing rain, an inch of snow and more freezing rain, I attempted to drive to work. I slowly made it five miles when the car ahead of me did a nice 180 degree turn in the road and ended in the ditch.

I stopped and gave the poor woman shelter in my heated truck. After help arrived in the form of a TDT truck (luckily driving by), the driver suggested we both go home and stay home; conditions are expected to worsen. All efforts are concentrated on keeping the primary highways and roads sanded and clear; the secondary roads are, well, secondary.

I turned around at a gas station down the hill and fishtailed all the back up the hill. The rear end of the half-ton pick-up is light despite good tires: poor traction.

It took nearly two hours to drive five miles and back.
By the time I returned home, it was freezing rain again. I grabbed the camera and went for a walk. Again.

I want some warmth. And a ride.


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