1.14.2007,8:33 PM
Ice Castle
I named my five acres of prairie grass Il Ranch Castello di Sabbia; 'The Sand Castle Ranch'. The last two days it has been Il Castello di Ghiaccio, 'The Ice Castle.'

I ventured outside in my bike rain gear over long johns and sweats, with cap and camera to take some pictures. Because I couldn't stand being inside anymore. After I slipped and fell on my ass, and laughed, I wandered down to the pond and the to the trees on the east of the acreage. It was beautiful, especially the trees.

Below are some of the photos. Not nearly the same quality as those my ex-husband would have taken, but he was the free-lance photographer; I'm the amateur.

I love this huge gnarled tree. He's the wizened granddaddy of them all.


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