2.02.2007,9:29 PM
Full Moon and the Coyote Song
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"Go out. Go out. If you don't go out into the woods, nothing will ever happen. And your life will never begin. Go out."

When I turned the corner near my house on the way home last night, I was greeted by the full moon. Right there; hanging over the road. It was a pull I couldn't resist. I *had* to gear up and go for a ride; bad back or not.

I rode to my favorite spot on a hill overlooking the east, north and south and sat there in bliss, with my vest plugged in, overlooking everything below me, feeling like an owl on a limb. Watching and scanning the landscape below and the speckled sky above. And the moon........... It was like being 'home'. It imparted a wild but serene sense of peace inside and out.

When I found Orion's belt next to the moon, I thought of someone special and smiled. I sang "Twinkle Twinkle Big Big Star" adding my own lyrics, of course. The coyotes answered me and joined in.

Sometimes being alone imparts a solace that you can't get from anyone around you. On a full moon night, sitting on your bike on a hill, overlooking the lights below on the horizon, listening to the coyotes sing....... A respite from the life during the day; being surrounded by the cocoon of night where all the wild things are, where darkness dances with a light of it's own.

And it fills you with a wild peace.
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