2.15.2007,10:30 PM
Night Star

I pulled into the driveway, the gravel crunching underneath my tires in the unforgiving cold of the night. The absence of heat taking its toll. For once, in almost two weeks, the sky is clear. No moon. Black night sky. Except for.......
the stars. All of them, like specks of shiny mica strewn against black velvet.

And there.....there is that brightest of stars, twinkling like a diamond in the rough, a beauty of promise in the night, the forbidden fruit of my dreams. I reach out to grasp it, touch it, hold it and feel its warmth. I want to hug it close to me, just once, let its light infuse me with its brightness. Fill me with an overwhelming brilliance.

And then say my goodbye. Glad that I had one chance to share it. One moment of completeness. An opportunity to experience the elusive piece of that puzzle. That fleeting moment of letting go and being fulfilled.

Those that we love the most, we are willing to let go. Satisfied that we tasted immortality in the union of each other. A memory that fills us with a satisfaction even the most repetitive can't fulfill. It's not for us, its for them.

I release that bright star from my grasp, whisper softly "Thank you", smile and remember to hold that deep inside where it will always keep me warm.

My shining star. Returns to the sky.

But I won't forget it.
I will remember you.


posted by Macrobe
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