2.07.2007,7:41 AM
The kid inside
My riding curtailed to one or two rides a week since the ice slip (and tweaking my back quite badly) and the bad weather, yesterday was like a breath of fresh air, being reborn, coming alive, waking from a nightmare.

Temps in the low 70's drew riders out of their cobwebs and cocoons, bikes out of garages and sheds.......they were everywhere. I rode to the station in the morning wearing the typical layers, turned-on electric vest and hand grips. I left work carrying more than half of what I wore in the morning. I stood waiting for the train in anticipation of getting on the bike. The warm breeze, the sun.... it was like being kissed by an angel. And I vibrated inside, purring like a content kitten.

Tuesday nights host our local Meet 'n Greets. It was my turn to choose: Fudrucker's. Burgers, giant salads, ice cream, and central to most of our locals from Tarrant and nearby counties; what more can one ask for? I expected a dozen riders, maybe more.

Between 7 and 7:30 pm the bikes continued coming in from everywhere. There were 26 of us; many new faces and old-time faces we haven't seen in quite awhile. The night was warm and pleasant; we mingled outside in the parking lot, which we occupied half of. Only hunger drove us in to eat.

Everyone was smiling.

Still relatively warm, I rode the long way home. Into the night, the stars, the waning moon. Even the highway ran under my wheels like a pathway made for us. My favorite road, a bumpy, winding, dark road, welcomed me. Overhead branches nodded in the wind as I rode under them, as if to welcome me back. I smiled and enjoyed the solitary ride into the night, onto my gravel road and drive, coming to rest facing Orion's bright handsome belt in the sky.

I sat for awhile on the bike, my heels resting on the pegs, smiling at the night sky. It was a good evening. My back is killing me, but it was worth the ride. My spirits have been revived, batteries in my head recharged.

The little kid got to go out and play.


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