7.09.2007,12:00 PM
Feeding the Fiery Dragon

I carefully walked into the darkness; the steamy blankness of space feeling only too warm, air laden with moisture.

'Whhaaa-aaaa-aaa......,' a loud, so loud breathy sigh of moist heat emits from an open mouth somewhere in the darkness.

With my hands and blind sight I feel around for a place to set the tray of water and sugar. 'Whhaaaa-aaaa-aaa......' the wheezing hotness exuding into the blackness around me. I'm sweating now. But I smile just the same. I am the feeder this morning; alone in the dark. It's large hot presence making itself known only by the sound of the warm heat periodically escaping from the large empty mouth. My nostrils flare from the musty damp and dank smell of everything nearby close to rotting by the steam and heat.

"Good morning, oh Hot One. Are you thirsty and hungry this morning?" The words falls into the blackness and into my ears as if the voice came from another mouth other than my own.

"Whhhhhaaaaa...aaaaa...aaaaa.....ssssss......" comes the loud whoosh of heat with moisture riding as on a wave.

"Hmmm.... I take that as a yes, oh Great One."


Blindly lifting the water from the tray, I carefully feel in front of me for the giant mouth from which the heat betrays its presence. Little beady red lights glow in the dark, the only color to challenge the blackness that surrounds us.

"I bring you water and sugar, Old One."

Hands reach through a veil of darkness with their liquid offerings, groping for the opening, careful not to drop the precious contents on a floor that only my feet know is there. My hesitation is invisible and only I feel the caution that slows my movements.

"Whooooo......sssshhh!!!!......Whisss.....shhhhhhhhhh........." it's voice grows louder then fades as the great gap closes, but not before I am engulfed by hot air that nearly drips and oozes over me.

The bottles of water and diluted glycerol placed on the shelf inside the giant departmental autoclave, the door closes securely. I push the 'Start' button and the cavity inside noisily pressurizes with hot steam. Fumbling for the door in the darkness, the lights not working in the hot room, I smile as I leave, having watered and fed the dragon that no one knows exists but me.


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