9.11.2007,11:29 AM
Trans-America Trail on a Sherpa
Ever since I was a kid I had a dream of riding my horse across the country. Well, we're a hundred years too late and my horse is too old now. I know I can do it on the Whee (and already have ridden more than half way across) on pavement, but that's not really what I had envisioned. *This* is: Trans-America Trail.

Sam Correra suggests a bike no smaller than 400cc. But others have commented that the lighter the bike, the better. Other riders on bikes with displacement less than 400cc made it across and back. I think the Sherpa can make it, too.

I'm considering doing the trail from NM to Oregon next year, mostly camping. I won't have enough time off to do the entire trail, and I can ride TN to OK anytime since I live in TX. Besides, I'm a 'Go West!" person anyway.

Every once in awhile, you have to challenge yourself. Not track day, not Deal's Gap, not winning the lottery, not surviving a work week or marriage, not a Butt Run, not resisting buying the newest and latest techie toy.......but a challenge that tests your spirit, your faith, your trust, belief and reliance - in yourself.

I've tossed it around, mulled over it in my head for over a year. Bringing it closer to home as time passes. It becomes more real.
Originally I had planned to do Alaska in '08, but this year's setbacks have postponed that until later. After making it through another Year from Hell, I need to do this. Everything and everyone else be damned. This is for me.

I've learned that there's only one person I can always depend on. Myself. So for a few weeks, I'll be leaving everything behind and going on the ultimate walk-about; a ride-about on two knobby wheels.
This is the major reason I bought the Sherpie; to ride knobbies west on the roads less traveled.

I'm not leaving this life until I do.

Road Less Traveled
Trans-America Trail: Western section


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