9.26.2007,6:17 PM
Under a full moon
31-header full moon

Couldn't sleep, got up, got ready and rode to the train station. Early (4:45 am).

Oh..... What a big full moon in the night sky, suspended like a large bright face lighting my way. The quiet language of the night, solitary roads with their lines rolling with me, the warmth of the growling engine on my legs, damp chill seeping in through the helmet and my sleeves, feeling the conversation between the road surface and my wheels. With that big bright ball bobbing in front of me, tantalizing me to keep going, feeding that spirited wildness inside as it meshes with the mechanical night beast between my legs and under my seat.

I love the full moon and it beckons me to ride through the darkness like a ghost on a gallant night steed. Searching for a place to rest as the light hearkens the day and the sun chases the moon away like hide-and-seek. Until it peeks over the horizon and rises again.

In a few days I'll be riding into the moon's path, bike carrying me and the few material things for shelter over the next several days. Back to the wild hills and the river. Where I can shed these ghosts that haunt me and return refreshed and renewed.

A ride-about.
Under the light of a full moon.
My best friends.
The moon.
And my bike.

Try it. Go for a ride under that full moon and let it guide your way, on the road and in your spirit.


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