12.18.2007,9:38 PM
Living with owls
At home my connection with the rest of the world is a satellite dish which brings me the Internet and from which I spew forth things like what you see on this page. Although better than dial-up connection, sometimes it can be just as slow. During electrical storms, or low and heavy cloud cover with precipitation, the connection can be lost completely.

Lately the blue lights on the modem disappear, connection lost, when the skies are clear. I've wondered what the cause of this was, but have been unsuccessful in its uncovering. Until tonight.

Pulling up close to the house in the dark on the Whee, I usually gear down, switch to low beams and ride around the house on the prairie grass so that I am parked on the gravel drive towards the far road. As I turned the corner of the house a movement caught my eye. I looked up to see a Great Horned owl opening his wings and lift itself up into the air. It was sitting on the satellite dish.

I am aware of the nesting pair of owls that lives on my humble five acres. I have seen one or the other and hear them often. The last several months, they have felt comfortable and safe enough to roost on the utility pole outside my bedroom window. Or on a fence post outside the back of the house.

I enjoy their company. And I will gladly share the satellite dish with them.


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