12.03.2007,9:38 PM
Tosca on Two Wheels
To take my mind off the cold during the ride home tonight, the iPod fed me music. Real music. Puccini's Tosca. Puccini was a genius and Tosca his masterpiece.

Maria Callas as Floria Tosca, pleading for the life of her lover, sings the aria Vissi d´arte, vissi d' more (I lived for art, I lived for love). Later, Lucianno Pavarotti proclaims his love for Tosca in the aria E Lucevan le Stelle (And the stars were shining) before he is betrayed and executed.

This gut-wrenching aria never ceases to elicit a waterfall of tears, tight throat, clenched chest as if my heart lay bleeding in my hands as I kneel on the ground. I'm not a romantic. But this. This turns me inside out. Even after listening dozens of times over the decades.

This aria is my bleeding heart. The love that never found a home.

E non ho amato mai tanto la vita!
I have never loved life so much!
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