12.21.2007,8:10 AM
Season's Greetings
Wishing everybody a safe and happy holiday season. And I hope you all get a good ride in if weather permits.

My favorite photo to use for this time of year is the one below. Our bikes glistening with ice as the sun rose over the La Sal mountains at Pack Creek Ranch near Moab, Sept 2006. I treasure it not only because it reflects the beauty of where we were, and the bikes, but also because of my memories of those few days I spent with good friends and riding buddies from all over the continent; riding, visiting, chowing down, making morning coffee, etc. Of all my trips, that was my favorite. But I treasure them all.
I hope we all have more of them.


I'll be gone on the road south in less than 24 hours, doing some of this (below), but on the Sherpa this time. Again, another memory from that September trip.


That long trip, and all the others, aren't just 'bike trips'. They are journeys, sojourns, which enrich my life. Crossing paths with folks like them has made my life fuller, richer and infused much joy.

I hope you all find joy in your rides ahead.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Elzi, Whee, and Sherpie

"If it's wild to your own heart, protect it. Preserve it. Love it. And fight for it, and dedicate yourself to it, whether it's a mountain range, your wife, your husband, or even (heaven forbid) your job. It doesn't matter if it's wild to anyone else if it's what makes your heart sing. If it's what makes your days soar like a hawk in the summer time, then focus on it. Because for sure, it's wild, and if it's wild, it'll mean you're still free. No matter where you are."
- Rick Bass, Wild to the Heart

.....and no matter what you ride.


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