1.15.2016,9:22 PM
Music is in me
On my day off.
If I'm not on a mountain top,
In a canyon,
On a trail.......
I listen to music.
Humanity's crowning achievement.

Music is a language
That knows no borders,
No colors,
No grammar, 
No rules, 
No politics.

The river is music, the bird's songs,
The coyote yips, the elephant's trumpet.
For humans,
Music is our hearts, our passions, our joy,
Our anger, our sorrow, our grief, 
It is the essence of who we are
It is our past, present, and future.

Our music is the drum, the pipe, the strings,
Our thumbs on the wood, 
the whistle through our lips, 
Hands slapping thighs,
Our feet on the floor.
It is our voice. 
Together, and alone.

Music is a tether to our very being
That touches every one of us.
Inside and out.

Some times on my days off,

I let it speak for me.
posted by Macrobe
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