3.08.2016,5:51 PM
The ghosts in music
Driving in the rain with a black and blue sky, listening to music I have not for nearly 15 years. The music unlocked a box from which a myriad of memories and emotions swirled around me and carried me back.

It was like hovering over myself, listening to a silent train of thoughts, that years later are bitter sweet. Looking back while waiting for the future to unfold. Then hurtling forward, reliving and experiencing almost a decade and a half. And realizing how much has changed. 

Some ghosts in the closet are set free, one discarded in the trash, and a very few special ones hung on the door handle to freshen and renew.

All the while, the voice and the music still resonate, like the twinkling stars of Orion's belt in the sky. It reaffirms where I was and where I am now. A few of those ghosts I still hold close to my heart, where I can still feel the synchronized beating through the closed door.
posted by Macrobe
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