11.17.2006,12:40 PM
Kingdom of the Possums - Part 1
I didn't see one possum; only cows, deer, owls, a lizard or two, ducks, hawks, lots of coyote scat, and the racoon that cleaned my frying pan.

I took Bernard with me on this adventure. He was disappointed he didn't get to sit up front on the bike. But he had fun on the trek through the woods and along the cliffs of the lake. We went where the wild things are.

He especially liked the cactus:

I found pockets of fall colors, a plethora of visions with shapes, colors, textures, and experimented with the camera, new filters and new tripod.

Unfortunately, the star of the trip did not show: the full moon. Too cloudy.

Nevertheless, there were many adventures both days and I tripped ~278 miles. Around the lake, here and there; wow! some awesome roads and scenery, hardly any traffic (except Weatherford). Tried out new winter kit and camping gear. Made notes of what I need to rethink (a few spouts of "This is not going to work!").



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