1.13.2007,9:24 PM
In Celebration
I've been housebound most of the day with freezing rain and ice. After a week of chaos at work, pulling long hours and fighting a cold, I was looking forward to, no, craving for a bike ride today.

Curses..... The weather did me in again.

So it's been a day of picking up pieces and putting things away. Including ghosts.

This month, it's been a year since I thought my life was falling apart. A broken ankle, a broken heart and sudden betrayal, a health disaster, freezing weather and frozen pipes.
I made it through.

And more during the rest of the year with two deaths, lost friends, changing jobs....... Life goes on.

My father always used to tell me "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
It does, as long as we don't let it poison us.

This year I met and discovered a community of people and friends who share a common passion. I've never shared that with a group before. It's strange, but nice. I think I like it.

Yet I also rediscovered my calling and current in the ocean of life: the call of the road. I think it's time to get back to that ocean and let it carry me along.

"It's not just the destination; it's the journey."

For what matters most on the journey is how deeply we see, attentively we hear, how thoroughly the encounters are felt in your heart and soul.

Soon, soon.......
"Pilgrims are persons in motion -passing through territories not their own- seeking something we might call completion, or perhaps clarity will do as well, a goal to which only the spirit's compass points the way."
- Richard Niebuhr
Happy New Year and New Life, everyone.


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