3.07.2007,9:27 PM
It's coming, coming soon, sooner, close, coming closer......can we go now????

In two days we leave for the Big Bend area of southwest Texas. A favorite of Texas motorcyclists, I go not just for the roads, but the transformation of leaving this universe and stepping into another. One of the last remaining wilderness areas in the lower forty-eight states.

I go to become intimate with the remote, to find the soul of solitude, to submit to my senses and the sensations, to return to a primordial time and turn into myself and into that which surrounds me. I go to become something I am and am not.

I'll be out of touch with the rest of humanity for a week.
I welcome that.
The watch stays behind. There is no cell phone reception, no TV, no microwaves, no radio. The imprint of man is brittle and fades, like a dried leaf in the sun. The setting and rising sun marks the day, the moon and blankets of stars host the night.

And the canyons watch over all.
I'm going back to my friends; the canyons.
I can feel them call me............


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