4.08.2007,7:04 PM
Sunday Ride with Wiley
Or When in Texas, Do What the Texans Do.

I did the typical Texan thing today. Not that it was my intention; it just happened that way.

It's a holiday Sunday; most folks are at services or family functions. I have neither, so I do what I want to do. Unlike most Sundays, the roads should have less traffic than normal. I needed to test out the mods to the butt pad, so I geared up and went for a ride, searching for bumpy winding country roads.

Skies gray and the weather chilly, I wore the electric vest and thermals. The grayness imparted a pallor over everything today, and the cold could easily suck the enjoyment out of a day ride, but I was hell bent to ride today.

I'm still recovering from spending 48 hours straight in the lab; I'm too old for that anymore. I just wanted a no-brainer ride; other than being attentive to the road, my brain wanted a day off from everything. Turn it off and just enjoy the ride for what it is: riding the road.

It was one of those 'blind' day rides. By that I mean I had no idea where I was going nor did I have any maps on me. I just steered where the impulse drew me.

Wiley and Harvey joined me for the ride today. This was Wiley's first front-row seat ride: on the handlebars. 'Harvey' is someone I take with me often on my rides; a real person, but joining me in spirit. Well, he often receives photos, stories and observations from rides before anyone else.

I let my sixth sense guide me, riding on some nice winding, narrow, bumpy country roads, up on the high plains, and ended up on a lake. Didn't know which lake until much later.


I pulled into a lakeside wayside; a rough gravel road with picnic tables and such. Turned off the bike and took some photos. If you look closely you can see how the road winds around bends in the lake and over creeks.



Looking ahead of the bike I noticed a big drop-off to return back to the asphalt road. I mean a deep one; looks like it was washed out. Wiley stared at it muttering "No, No, No, NO!!!!!! Awwwww!!!!"


If I was feeling more adventurous (aka feet able to touch the ground more), I would have ridden over it, or shall I say, do a jump over it. A second or two airborne, which would have rocked but since my seat has been elevated by changing the suspension and the stuff I put on to fasten the pad, I decided to back up and return to the asphalt the way I rode in.
Maybe another time.

Back on the asphalt I followed the winding lake road which terminated onto Hwy 730. I know that hwy like the back of my thumb. I turned right towards home, but not wanting to go home yet, I rode past my road and turned right instead of left.

This road climbs steadily up to the high plains again and big open spaces. Right now everything is greening up, and, as I discovered, the bluebonnets are in full bloom.

Spotting a cut through a hill with bluebonnets on both sides of the road, I did the Texas thing: pull off to the side of the road and take pictures. In all the eight years I've lived in Texas, this is the first time I did this.

So, here are bluebonnet photos, some with the bike.


I was rewarded by two beautiful horses romping over to the fence to check us out. They weren't sure what to make of the bike parked below them on the side of the road, but they quickly relaxed and started grazing nearby.


I had an overwhelming urge to get on that paint horse and gallop through their green pastures...... Haven't done that in ages. But alas, I was soon to mount my new horse and gallop along the road again.


Before I saddled up, a woman in a car pulled in behind me and asked if I wanted a photo of myself with the bike and the bluebonnets. That never occurred to me, but since she kindly offered, I obliged her.


I took another back road and ended up near Weatherford where traffic was a bit heavier. Getting a bit hungry and with a growing craving for coffee, I found a Starbucks not far from my 'Happy Road'. Excellent! A new Starbucks closer to home and I don't have to go into the Lake Worth Zoo!!

I walked in, ordered a java from the good-natured staff, fielded questions re: "What kinda bike is that? Is that a Beemer bike?" I don't know why, but I am asked that more times than I care to count. I relaxed, read my book while I sipped my nice strong coffee and got ready to leave.

"Happy Road' time!!!

There is a road that is winding, bumpy, winds through a canopy of overhanging oaks, over creeks and is just marvelous. It always melts the stress off when I ride it home from a daily commute. Today was even better; less traffic than normal.

Dip, lean, stand on pegs, shift down then up, whine, whirr and purr.... I love it......

Pulling in on the gravel, I decided to leave that and take a careful jaunt around the pond, avoiding the low spots that I new would still be wet. On the pegs again and no hassle with the butt pad.

This rocks.

Wiley had a good time, too!




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