7.10.2007,12:04 PM
New Baby!!!
I'm an expectant mother again. I have a new baby on the way.

The Bike Stork's GPS was upside down and the bike was dropped off somewhere in the Northeast. But it is due to arrive home to Momma in September. Meanwhile, Momma-me is experiencing birthing pangs: I want my baby!!!!

Meet Mini-me KLR250 Super Sherpa (2003).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She's going to be my dirty girl. And we have big plans: Big Bend, the 2008 Texas Dualsport Adventure Ride, hopefully Colorado and Utah next year... oh heck, let's add New Mexico, too. And many many dirty dusty roads around Texas.

She'll be Whee's little sister wearing Doc Martin's, and run with the Big Boys (KLR650's).

Meanwhile...... This month I'll have my first introduction to carburetors and other mechanical stuff (the notorious doohicky!!) at a local KLR Tech Day. Soon after it arrives I plan on rejetting the carb, change out the front tire-hugger fender for an Acerbis motocross high clearance fender and either Acerbis or Probend handguards. Also have to investigate some type of luggage system for commuting and the occasional overnight bike trip.

Oh boy..... can't wait.......


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