10.18.2011,5:46 PM
Sunrise and Lincoln, NM
The last day. Or, the last day in New Mexico, which for me is the end of the trip. Crossing the state line into Texas is like walking back into the rabbit hole. At least, where I am now.

I was up before sunrise and took Buck for a walk up to the knob that provides a 360 degree view of the lava beds. The sun was rising, and it was my Alone Time to commune with some of my 'buddies'. And take a few photographs before we left.
Have not yet identified this wonderful small shrub.
Lichens, one of my favorite microbiomes.
Before we left New Mexico, I wanted to explore one more place. Lincoln, New Mexico. Surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest, this small community is full of history, violent history, but now full of charm. Funny how time can erase wounds and replace it with blossoms. But the history remains, although it may be presented in different flavors depending on interpretations.

The historic Luna House, which went through several changes.
Most of all, it allowed us to examine the old traditional ways of building with adobe and stone. Eureka! Shutters on windows and doors. Shutters that were used like they are supposed to be used, rather than cosmetic ornaments. Anyone that has been in Mexico, or even the Mediterranean knows that shutters cover windows and doors to keep out the elements, and even keep the warmth (or cool, or as Joe commented often: coolth) in. Of course, the shutters on most of these buildings were used to keep arrows and even bullets from flying through windows and doors.

Adobe can be a most beautiful backdrop for something as simple as a window.
Door and informational sign on the back of Luna adobe (plastered with cement).
It is worth the time to stroll through the streets. The elderly man that minds the small store is a resident, as were his parents and grandparents, and..... He is happy to relate the history of the place, and sometimes to dispel the myths. I liked him. He's like the uncle I never had. Finding the irony in history as it happened and history as what people wanted it to happen.

We spent one more night upon the road, at a small RV place in Post, next to the railroad tracks. And I mean RIGHT NEXT TO THE TRACKS. Sleep was pretty much a wash.

So, back we are. And back we will go again.

We were invited back to the small RV park in Bernardo to help them establish a small self-sustainable community. Two families live there full time to manage the park, which is also a horse, donkey and dog rescue place. One of the couples are refugees from the floods in Illinois; they lost their house and everything. They bought a motor home and moved to the RV park in response to a ad for a park manager. The other couple helps manage the place, too.

They are establishing a garden, planting fruit trees and vines, collecting gray water for landscape use, building a chicken coop for eggs and meat. Joe wants an apprentice to learn the adobe trade, so that might be a viable option, too. I can see spending several months during the summer and do some work there. Lots of options!....... Especially exploring more of the national forests, wildlife refuges, and more. 

I really like New Mexico. Sandwiched between Arizona and Texas, two twins of the same mindset, New Mexico is a welcoming retrieve, a place where life is much more appreciated and enjoyed, where everyone is welcome.

So, we need to learn Spanish.


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