3.08.2007,2:54 PM
Where the Buffalo roam.....
Give me a home......

I've been strapped for time with 12-hr days at work, repairing my bike and preparing for my trip. I leave tomorrow.

I don't have time for what I want to write about my trip to Oklahoma last weekend. Although it's in my head. I need a flash drive for my brain.

I rode up for the weekend, others from TX joined us for Saturday and Russ led us on a fantastic ride through and around a wildlife refuge and up Mnt Scott, and lunch at Meers, know nationally for their Longhorn beef burgers that fit a pie plate.
Russ and I rode onto the base and visited a very large Indian burial site, where Geronimo and others are buried. Lovely spot. I could 'see' it all back then.......

I uploaded unadulterated pics on the fly to a website for a slideshow.

I did.

Oklahoma March 07

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